Robinair Premium Digital Manifold Sets

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  • Robinair digital gauges for use with 17 common refrigerants.
  • Triple-seal piston valves.
  • Oversize soft touch handles.
  • Precision machined aluminium body.
  • Robinair hoses with the patented Quickseal fitting.
  • A hard wearing, custom made carry case.

The manifold bodies are constructed from solid aluminium in order to endure tough daily use. Colour coded handles make it incredibly easy to use, whilst the full 3/8” bore throughout the manifold body maximises refrigerant flow, saving precious time on site.

Each Digital Manifold set features the NEW Robinair Digital Gauges. These premium gauges display both pressure and vacuum (in 4 user selectable scales), as well as the corresponding temperature charts for 17 common refrigerants. Digital gauges offer the benefit of being incredibly accurate and the clear display leaves no chance for misjudging pressures.

Each gauge features a standard 1/8” NPT fitting which means that they are compatible with standard manifold blocks. The gauges are powered by AAA batteries, with a life of nearly 150 hours – providing high accuracy throughout. The lightweight digital gauges are protected against overpressure and display all data on a large, backlit LCD screen.

Product CodeManifold TypeRefrigerant TypeHose Length (cm)
RA43180E90C 2-way 17 common refrigerants 90
RA43180E150C 2-way 17 common refrigerants 150
RA43160E90C 4-way 17 common refrigerants 90
RA43160E150C 4-way 17 common refrigerants 150