Brake Bleeder Kit & Vacuum Pressure Pump Kit

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Brake Bleeder Kit & Vacuum Pressure Pump

Bleeding your Corvette's brakes can be a hassle, unless you have our precision Brake Bleeder Kit and Vacuum/Pressure Pump. This quality tool allows you to bleed your brakes without assistance of someone pumping and holding the brake pedal down, over and over to remove air in the lines or replace old brake fluid.

With this Vacuum/Pressure pump, you also have an accurate way to test vacuum and pressure within your entire automotive system! Check for leaks in your headlight and wiper door vacuum system on C3 Corvettes! Diagnose problems like sticking valves, broken valve springs, restricted exhaust, worn piston rings and leaking head gaskets.

  • Billet aluminum body
  • Large dial gauge for easy reading
  • One hand operation
  • Fluid catch resevoir
  • Numerous adapters for wide application
  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Full instructions included