Injector Cleaner and Tester Onodani

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6 cylinders
Can check the defects of leaking, blocking, uniformity of spraying oil when the injectors are at different running speed.
Backlight makes the working state of injectors being shown clearly.

Onodani - SF-6A - Automatic Fuel Injector Cleaner And Analyzer
Voltage AC220V 10%/50HZ
Capacity of oil box 4L
Capacity of test tube 120ml
Ultrasonic frequency 45KHZ
Ultasonic power 80W
RPM: 0-9975r/min Step: 25r/min
Pulse width: 0-30ms Step: 0.1ms
Time range: 0-9995s Step: 5s
Count: 0-9975 Step: 25 times
System pressure 0-5 kg/cm2
System Flow 6L/min
The max vat count 6 vats
Style of changing pressure automatism
Style of returning oil automatism