Injector Tester and Cleaner Motor ECCOM ECM-2C

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Product Specifications /Features

Specifications and Functions :

1. Can operate the auto static test,dynamic test and selective test with the injecting dribbling, angles,atomization, uniformity of one or more(1-2) injectors, can simulate any state of the vehicle to observe the complete process of injectors.
2. Can operate automatically, reversely, and ultrasonic cleaning with one or more injectors at different operating mode, such as high resistor, low resistor,
electric voltage and electric current.
3. If use new type injector, just need choose the matched connector and replace the O-ring.

Technical Parameter :

Dimensions: 360mm(L)×450mm(W)×510mm(H)
Weight: 20kg
Power: 85-132vac/170-264vac 47-63Hz
Fuel tank capacity: 4.5L
Test tube capacity: 120cc
Ultrasonic wave frequency: 25KHz
Ultrasonic wave power: 100W
Rotate speed: 0-9975r/min, step: 25r/min
Pulse width: 0-30ms, step: 0.1ms
Count: 0-9975r, step: 25r
Time: 0-9975s, step: 5s
System pressure: 0-6.2kg/cm2 (variable regulated)
System flow: 4L/min
Test cylinder: 2(max)