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Free Full System Diagnostic

THINKTOOL MINI is an OE-level diagnostic tool produced by THINKCAR. Offers free full system diagnostic functions for mechanics, repair shops and DIYers.

Built around an Android OS with an Octa-core 2.1 GHZ CPU, integrated with advanced diagnostic features and unparalleled functions, the G-scan3 will provide you with the ultimate user experience.

The G Scan diagnostic testers are renowned as the market leading diagnostic scan tools for both Asian and European vehicles, with outstanding capabilities and performance.

The G-scan products have led the market in Asian vehicle diagnostics for many years offering OEM software for Kia and Hyundai, as well as outstanding depth and breadth of software in all other manufacturers. Nowadays the G-scan range of testers can be truly considered as an "all makes" diagnostic tool with the rapid growth of European software coverage whilst retaining their market leading position in Asian vehicles. This is further complimented with the impressive coverage of American vehicle manufacturers.

The G Scan 3 follows on from the hugely successful G Scan 1 & 2 offering improvements in processing speed, memory, display and much more over the previous units.

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