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The AXONE 4 Mini is a compact diagnostic tool that incorporates most of the extraordinary functions that have made the AXONE 4 tablet such a success.
Its refined styling is centred on a generous 7 inch resistive touch screen offering a record resolution of 800x1280. Its Cortex A8 processor is amazingly fast and completes task in only half time taken by the previous generation tools.
Thanks to its incredible versatility, mechanics will enjoy using the AXONE 4 mini for many years to come and keeping abreast of the latest developments in vehicle electronics.

The dedicated IDC4PM software ensures superb usability based on swipe screens as used by today's most popular consumer electronic products. Navigating through the various diagnostic function has never been so easy and intuitive. A Bluetooth module ensures easy communication with TEXA interface while a Wi-Fi card provides internet connectivity. As with all TEXA products, the AXONE 4 Mini is extremely robust, as proven by its homologation to military standard 810F and its IP42 protection rating. In short, the AXONE 4 Mini is tough and practical tool for challenging workshop environtments, with the added benefit of a protected operating system.


When TEXA introduced the AXONE 4 back in 2011, it proved such an effective diagnostic tool that it made other products look old. 
The AXONE 4 Mini has been developed in the wake of that success. The new AXONE 4 Mini offers many of the prestigious features of the AXONE 4 to customers seeking a tool that is compact and portable while still delivering top performance.



AXONE 4 Mini is not just attractive. It’s amazingly robust too. It is designed to conform to military standard MIL STD 810 and can withstand use in the tough, hostile environments often encountered by the professional mechanic.


The AXONE 4 Mini is manufactured on ultra-modern and fully automatic assembly lines that apply extremely tough quality controls and ensure total product traceability. TEXA is one of only a few companies in the diagnostics sector to be certified to ISO TS 16949, the standard demanded of OEM suppliers to the automotive industry. 


TEXA rigorously tests all of its tools. A series of purposebuilt machines are used from the design stage to replicate common functions thousands and thousands of times, simulating a whole lifetime of use in the workshop. Monitors, keypads and composite parts are subjected to the most intensive stress tests, which are also repeated on samples throughout the production phase.


TEXA pioneered wireless connectivity to make its diagnostic tools incredibly practical to use. The AXONE 4 Mini connects via Bluetooth to TEXA diagnostic interfaces, exhaust gas analysers and measurement devices, leaving the user completely free to move around the vehicle. 
The latest generation Wi-Fi system allows TEXPACK subscribers to speedily download updates.


EXCEPTIONAL SIMPLICITY: the icon menu allows you to see all the available functions and applications and to select them with a simple touch.

INTEGRATED TECHNICAL INFORMATION: the wiring diagrams and the mechanical data are perfectly integrated for a complete and reliable diagnosis. 

TGS3s: TEXA Global Scan 3 is an innovative function that automatically scans all diagnosable electronic control units on a vehicle in a matter of seconds.; 

UNBEATABLE AUTODIAGNOSTICS: The most extensive coverage, with over 350,000 selections. Continuous input from TEXA’s worldwide development team lets you perform detailed diagnostics on all brands of vehicle. 


The AXONE 4 Mini offers a whole series of advantages compared to a standard PC. To start with, the tool is specially designed for use in vehicle repairs. This means it is robust, water-resistant, easy to handle, practical to use and loaded with an operating system that is immune to viruses and free from problems of compatibility. 


Fast diagnosis is essential to the modern garage, and the AXONE 4 Mini is a real rocket! Thanks to its powerful new hardware and optimised components, it represents a major improvement on the already excellent performance of the previous generation of TEXA tools.